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Allied health professionals have been deemed to be essential health care providers to the wider community during the COVID-19 pandemic and as such the Wonthaggi Chiropractic Centre is


We will be providing care for any musculo-skeletal complaints while

following appropriate social distancing and strict cleaning protocols. 


Masks will be used in order to provide appropriate care while protecting the patient in the process.


Good health and a strong immune system has always been

first and foremost dependent on good nutrition and good lifestyle choices. 


Here at Wonthaggi Chiropractic Centre we are happy to discuss a variety of protocols which may help.

Chiropractic is a wonderful means of natural healing!

         Carla                                                            Neil                                                                     Brenda

Meet Neil and the friendly Staff

We all want to live healthy and happy lives free of pain, free of disease and with abundant vitality. Essentially, we all want to enjoy our lives and in order to do that, we must pay positive attention to our health. Life becomes less enjoyable when ill health flares up when accidents happen and when aches and pains become more pronounced and debilitating. When this occurs, the quality of our daily lives is reduced. Sometimes, just our hectic lifestyles and eating patterns can cause us pain, fatigue and leave us feeling generally unhealthy.


At Wonthaggi Chiropractic & Natural Health Centre, we care about your health - not just your physical health but your overall well being. Our aim is to get you back on track - to bring you back to good health and address the issues affecting you so that you can function and perform at your optimal level.

We have been practicing in Wonthaggi for just over 30 years and in that time we have seen many people come through our door to be treated for a broad range of conditions. We use both tried and tested chiropractic modalities combined with modern therapies, nutritional advice, and techniques to provide you with the best healing potential. Our supportive treatments are effective, gentle and non-intrusive.

Our sole focus is on your well being and our priority is to work with you to restore and maintain your overall health to its greatest potential. We are established and trusted in what we do, and we consistently source new and innovative ways of helping. To this end, we are dedicated to ongoing learning and education in our field of health sciences so that our patients receive the best care.


Short Animations for easy viewing...

Neck Pain
Chiropractic Can Help With Posture
Pain is our Alarm System
Chiropractic Techniques

"Our vision is to see more people get well and stay well using natural chiropractic and health modalities including lifestyle modification"

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