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'Chiropractic works in harmony with the basic healing forces of the body'

Meet Our Team

'Over 40 years Experience and Professional Care'

Owner / Principal Chiropractor

Dr. Neil Smith

I took over the existing part-time business back in 1986 and have built a friendly supportive and conscientious team working together to give you the best opportunity to reach your health goals. Even way back then it was obvious to me that many of us were not eating healthy and nutritious diets so I studied nutrition in order to compliment chiropractic treatment with good nutritional support and advice. Over the past 30 years much has come to light about the myriad of dietary deficiencies and health related issues that may occur - many of them related to neurological and nervous system irregularities which can be remedied through a combination of chiropractic, natural health and nutritional modalities. Sedentary behaviours, anxiety states, addictions, junk and adulterated foods - these all play a part in modern day Western lifestyles - and these all contribute to a deterioration in well being. When working with patients, my aim is to address these issues - working with each person on an individual basis - using the very best in treatment modalities combined with an in depth knowledge and skills base which I have been developing since the 1980's.


  • BA Pharmacy 1977

  • BA Applied Science Chiropractic 1985

  • Post Graduate Diploma Clinical Nutrition 1985

  • Certificate in Chiropractic Achievement 2001

- Advanced Proficiency Rating Examination

- Activator Methods Technique


  • Chiropractor's Association of Australia

  • Chiropractors Registration Board of Victoria

  • Australasian College of Chiropractors

  • The National Board of Chiropractic Examiners

  • Medibank Private Members' Choice Network

Chiropractic Assistant / Office Manager


I've been working as a Chiropractic Assistant/Office Manager with Neil Smith for the past 30 years.  Our aim is to create a nice family/relaxed atmosphere for our patients.  One of the greatest pleasures is to be able to chat with the patients and hear about their families, in some cases I have seen three generations come in for example: grandparents, parents and children. I enjoy my job and have seen many changes with the way chiropractic and general wellness compliment and inform each other.  I like  seeing patients progress with their treatment and become well again.

Chiropractic Assistant / Office Manager


I've been working as a chiropractic assistant and receptionist at Wonthaggi Chiropractic for the past 2 years. On a personal level,  I’ve also been a chiropractic patient for over 20 years and strongly believe that this beneficial therapy contributes to improving overall health.  One of the best parts of my job is interacting with our patients and observing improvements in their health. It's a big bonus when you really enjoy your working environment and it is a delight to be part of Neil's team.


Chiropractic Assistant



I am new to the Team and love being apart of the successful Wonthaggi Chiropractic Centre with Neil and his staff.  My background brings over 20+years of Nursing experience. Having been a chiropractic patient for many years I personally know the positive benefits of receiving regular chiropractic adjustments. Apart from meeting friendly smiling faces each day I enjoy watching the patients improvement and the huge difference in people walking in and out after being adjusted/treated by Neil. 

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