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Chiropractic & Natural Health Clinic offer the following options:

Services and Modalities

"The body's ability to heal itself is remarkable.

The myriad of mechanisms underlying health and well being is still not completely understood.

Because of this, health sciences are still researching and learning about how best  to facilitate these healing mechanisms.

It is estimated that 60 - 80% of our health is dependant on lifestyle choices.

Therefore, it makes sense to investigate natural ways to heal the body.

Chiropractic Treatments


We administer a large array of techniques and

approaches acquired in over 30 years of study

and practice. Each technique is catered to fit

individual clients. Techniques for adjusting the

spine can vary from simple pressure application

and variable force, to mechanically assisted

adjusting devices. We also use more traditional

hand applied adjustments where patients

experience the sound of cavitation or 'pop'

within the joint as well as drop-piece tables

which allow for more robust adjustments which

are usually for larger less flexible males.

Decisions on which technique to use is based

on the patients age, gender, health status, size,

level of pain symptoms, sensitivity of their nervous system, experience of chiropractic treatments and  sometimes it is dictated by what gives the best results. There are many different methods of evaluating the need for chiropractic care. Some encompass traditional medical methods while other methods are more specific to chiropractic and other muscular skeletal professions. Professional judgement, knowledge and experience are incorporated in order to make that decision.

Spinal Orthotics

Spinal curvature and postural issues often contribute to chronic ongoing  issues. In order to address this and reduce pain and discomfort, we sometimes suggest the use of devices to help correct these problems. Spinal orthotics are those devices (usually made from a variety of foam products) which are designed to help correct abnormal spinal curves. These devices are prescribed to help the patient continue with the management of their spinal condition at home at work or in the car. The most commonly prescribed device is one which is designed to help with the increased curvature of the thoracic spine while devices for  the neck and low back are also common. The Back-Joy (as pictured) is extremely useful for those who sit a lot or experience back pain when sitting.

Laser Therapy (Photobiomodulation) 

For a wide range of muscle and joint problems, we often use low level laser treatment as a therapeutic option. I like this modality as it provides energy to the cells  whose physiology has become compromised and as such may provide the stimulus for change in the progression of the pain or  disease process.  Examples of this would be the inflammation and pain associated with injury and the subsequent formation of scar tissue.


General Well Being

For overall health, lifestyle lifestyle errors and well being, we provide nutritional advice and administer a wide variety of supplements. Errors in lifestyle choices (not genetics or bad luck) is fundamental to why the majority of people experience too many health problems. Here at the clinic we  we have the knowledge to help you correct these errors should you wish. A variety of nutritional supplements can be supplied to help with any nutritional imbalances.

Foot Orthotics

Many patients present with functional foot problems which markedly effect their lower back. Often orthotics are required to correct and support these problems in order to alleviate symptoms. Our lives are spent adapting to the flat, hard surfaces on which we walk. At some our point in time feet may cause maladaptive responses in our knees, hips or low back, a pair of simple well designed foot orthotics can be extremely helpful. Here at the clinic we have the knowledge and experience to help you decide what is the best orthotic to use should it be required.

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